Almost There... Book Wise.

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I’m now entering the home stretch of writing the Distributed Programming with Ruby book. I’m just a few weeks away, well, technically I’m hours away from finishing the last chapter (Delayed Job) in the official table of contents, however, I’m going to add another chapter and a half. Why? Mostly because I’m a glutton for punishment. That and I want to deliver the best book possible. The extra chapter and a half, not featured in the table of contents below, will be on MapReduce technologies. It’s a really hot topic, and I think it will fit well in the book. What do you think?

Unfortunately, the «Rough Cuts» book on O’Reilly’s Safari site hasn’t been updated in nearly 3 months! I’m not sure why. I keep asking my editor to update it, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m sure it will soon, especially since the first draft of the entire manuscript will be done in just a few weeks!

UPDATE: Today they updated the «Rough Cuts» with nearly the latest revisions. It’s still missing the chapters on Delayed Job and BackgrounDRb, but it’s closer than it was yesterday.

Anyway, as a public service announcement to you, the readers, I thought I would the table of contents as it stands right now, so you have a better idea of what the book is going to be about. So here it goes:

What do you think? Does it look good? Is this something you’d buy? Let me know. This is your chance to have an influence on a book. If you think something is missing or should be laid out differently, please let me know, it might just make it into the final product.

Ok, enough delaying here, let me get back to writing so I can finish up the Delayed Job chapter.