MetaCasts Golang Future

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In January of 2013 I launched with the idea that I would generate a new screencast each week on whatever technology excited me that week. I wanted MetaCasts to be a place where developers could come and learn about topics related to their current needs, as well as technologies they might not have thought to try, or have even heard about.

During the past year and a half two things happened that have made me question this philosophy, and the overall direction of MetaCasts. The first is feedback from subscribers. The biggest complaint/criticism I’ve received is that the topics are too varied. One week it’s Ruby, the next week it’s JavaScript, the week after that Go, etc… People are unsure about what they’re subscribing to. I can understand this. If you don’t care about, say, Backbone, why should you have to sit through five weeks of it to get to the topics you enjoy? I got it. Message received.

The second change that has happened in the last year has been my discovering and falling in love with Go. I think Go is just the bee’s knees. Because of this I’m finding it very hard to generate screencasts on topics such as Ruby or Ruby on Rails when all I want to do is talk about Go.

With these two thoughts in my mind, one being the need to focus MetaCasts, and the other being my desire to spend more time with Go I have decided to stop generating Ruby screencasts on MetaCasts.

This was not an easy decision to make. I know I’m going to lose some/a lot of subscribers because of this. I’m OK with that. Ruby is great, it’s a wonderful language, and I continue to use it every day, but I have to follow my heart, and by following my heart I’ll be able to make better and more interesting screencasts, and after all, that is what this is all about.

I will still be covering JavaScript topics, although they will be more focused as well. For example, I will no longer be making any more videos about frameworks such as Ember.js or Backbone.js, but I will continue to generate videos on Angular.js, as I think it is a great companion for Go (and any other back-end technology).

I hope that people understand why I’ve decided to make these changes. I will continue to keep all previously recorded videos, regardless of topic, available to subscribers, nothing is changing there. The only change is going forward all videos will be about Go or JavaScript (as it relates to Go).

Thank you to all my current, past, and present subscribers, and I hope everyone will come along for the ride! It’s going to be a blast!