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Learn to master and conquer the most valuable and useful command line tools for Unix and Linux based systems. In this book you will find not only the most useful command line tools you need to know, but also the most helpful options and flags for those tools. Conquering the Command Line isn't just a rehash of the MAN page for these tools, but rather a human-readable walk-through of these tools to make you instantly more productive in your daily development life.


Read Conquering the Command Line online for free! Also available are PDF, Mobi, and ePUB versions of the book for download. If reading isn't your thing there are nearly 5 hours of videos also available that include, not only the content from the book, but also exclusive content not found anywhere else.

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For millions of web developers, CoffeeScript is emerging as one of today's most exciting new technologies. A superset of JavaScript, it enables experienced Javascript developers to write better, clearer code: software that's more concise, maintainable, flexible, reliable, and secure. CoffeeScript's inclusion in the popular web framework, Ruby on Rails, has brought CoffeeScript to an immense new audience.


Programming in CoffeeScript covers everything experienced web developers need to evaluate CoffeeScript, "think" in CoffeeScript, and write high-performance software with it. Mark Bates follows the proven format of other "Programming in" books in our Developers' Library series, with one major addition: he presents multiple same-page code comparisons demonstrating exactly how CoffeeScript improves upon JavaScript. Both a tutorial and reference, this book first introduces CoffeeScript's basic concepts, and then shows how to build a full fledged application with it. Bates covers functions, scope, collections, iterations, classes, modules, CoffeeScript's innovative Cake build system testing with the popular Jasmine framework, and much more - concluding with a full application that uses CoffeeScript on both the server side, using popular tools such as Express, Node.js, and Mongoose (MongoDB), and the client side, with jQuery and Backbone.js.

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Complete, Hands-On Guide to Building Advanced Distributed Applications with Ruby

Distributed programming techniques make applications easier to scale, develop, and deploy—especially in emerging cloud computing environments. Now, one of the Ruby community’s leading experts has written the first definitive guide to distributed programming with Ruby.

Mark Bates begins with a simple distributed application, and then walks through an increasingly complex series of examples, demonstrating solutions to the most common distributed programming problems.

Bates presents the industry’s most useful coverage of Ruby’s standard distributed programming libraries, DRb and Rinda. Next, he introduces powerful third-party tools, frameworks, and libraries designed to simplify Ruby distributed programming, including his own Distribunaut.

If you’re an experienced Ruby programmer or architect, this hands-on tutorial and practical reference will help you meet any distributed programming challenge, no matter how complex.

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